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Pretrial Intervention

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Pretrial Intervention is offered in both Travis and Williamson County, generally for misdemeanor offenses. Pretrial Intervention requires legal representation to be eligible; the Austin criminal defense attorneys of Sablatura & Williams have had numerous clients take advantage of this program. Contact us so that we may help you obtain your goal of dismissal and expunction of your arrest.

Who is eligible for pretrial intervention?

The beauty of pretrial intervention is that the case is not filed against you provided that you comply with the restrictions set forth by the County Attorney's Office. If you adhere to their restrictions, then the case is eligible for dismissal and expunction. Pretrial intervention is possible for those who have been charged with a non-violent crime for the first time. Those who do qualify may be offered rehabilitation or other court-supervised programs depending on their case.

To be eligible for Pretrial Intervention, a person must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have admitted guilt to their charges
  • Not have a prior criminal background
  • Be a first-time offender

We Do All We Can to Clear Your Record

Intervention may also include a requirement to pay restitution if such is owed to a victim. To determine if you are eligible for Pretrial Intervention, get in touch with our Austin criminal defense attorneys who can assess your case and help you petition for Intervention. If you complete the program and your criminal record is expunged, you are legally permitted to deny having ever been arrested or convicted of a crime.

Pretrial Intervention typically consists of about six months of probation but has much fewer requirements than normal probation. Some classes and community service may be included as well along with a monthly email check in with a probation officer. As long as the defendant follows through with the requirements in a timely fashion the case will be dropped and the arrest itself can be expunged.

Work with Experienced Texas Lawyers

Do not wait to call Sablatura & Williams if you have questions about the Pretrial Intervention program. We can work alongside you to have your record cleared of any wrongdoing. We work hard to achieve positive results for our clients.

Check out the Williamson County Pretrial Intervention Packet and call us today to get started on filing for a Pretrial Program!