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Drug Crimes in Austin, TX

The attorneys of Sablatura Williams have the knowledge and experience to ensure that those charged with a drug case will receive first rate representation. Our firm has the trial and negotiation experience to afford our clients quality and aggressive practice focused on narcotics possession and trafficking.

Our Austin defense attorneys, in the course of representing you, will:

  • Find out whether your case was made by a confidential informant;
  • If made by a CI (confidential informant), make every effort to discover who that person is and that person's criminal background;
  • Determine, when appropriate, if the substance is in fact illegal to possess;
  • Discover if any State witnesses have criminal records, and when appropriate, make the witness look less credible by "impeachment";
  • Move to suppress evidence illegally obtained by the State;
  • Negotiate a favorable outcome for you, or
  • Take the case to trial.

We will also represent you before indictment by negotiating a favorable outcome with law enforcement in exchange for cooperation, in certain instances.

What is a drug crime?

Drug crimes is a broad category that can apply to anyone who knowingly possesses an illegal substance.

Drug crimes include:

  • Search and seizure
  • Drug possession
  • Narcotic possession
  • Manufacturing drugs or narcotics
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Possession or sale of cocaine, PCP, LSD, heroin, or methamphetamine
  • Possession, transportation, or sale of marijuana
  • Intent to sell or distribute drugs or narcotics

Our Austin Drug Crime Defense Firm is Ready to Help

Sablatura Williams has represented numerous clients charged with both misdemeanor and felony drug possession, including possession and trafficking of illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, Methamphetamine, mushrooms, and hashish, as well as prescription drugs, such as Xanax, valium, and a variety of other substances.

If you are arrested for a drug offense in or Austin, Texas, please contact us as soon as possible.