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Misdemeanor Charges in Texas

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Misdemeanors are any crime in Texas which is punishable by up to a year in jail. Those doing background checks such as employers may be able to find a misdemeanor on your criminal record. Let us challenge your criminal arrest! The law firm of Sablatura & Williams represents clients charged with all misdemeanor offenses throughout Texas.

We can Handle any Misdemeanor

The firm handles all misdemeanor cases including:

  • DWI / DUI / BWI
  • Assault Family Violence
  • Theft
  • Fail to Stop & Render Aide
  • Alcohol offenses
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Deadly Conduct

Class C misdemeanors are the lightest charges and carry no jail time, only a $500 fine. This is usually the punishment for stealing less than $50. Class B is for crimes such as possession of up to two ounces of marijuana and carries up to 180 days in jail and/or up to $2,000 in fines. Class A is the highest misdemeanor and results from crimes like pimping. The punishment is up to a year in jail and/or a $4,000 fine.

As soon as you commit a crime, the statute of limitations, the time in which you are liable to be prosecuted, begins to run. In Texas a misdemeanor charge has a statute of limitations of two years. After two years elapse from your arrest, you cannot be tried.

Can a felony be dropped to a misdemeanor in Texas?

A felony can be reduced to a misdemeanor. A conviction of a felony means you have a criminal record. A criminal record results in collateral consequences where finding a job or housing or obtaining a loan or professional license can become more difficult. The same is also true for misdemeanors, but the difference is that as a convicted felon, you can also lose your right to vote and your right to own and use a firearm. Felonies are very serious, and as such, must be taken seriously.

Look to Our Austin Firm for Knowledgeable Defense

Even misdemeanors have serious consequences and should not be taken lightly. If you have been charged with a crime call on the Texas criminal defense attorneys at Sablatura & Williams to argue on your behalf. We can offer you legal advice and give you the benefit of our years of experience. We can do everything we can to find the best possible outcome for your case.

If you are arrested for a misdemeanor in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Leander, Buda or Kyle, Texas, please contact us as soon as possible.