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Child Protective Services LogoTexas Child Protective Services (CPS) serves to protect children from abuse in the home and also provides services to families and children in their homes. CPS is in charge of foster care with the hope of helping kids make the transition into adulthood and also places children in adoptive homes. In addition, CPS handles investigations of abuse or neglect and can remove a child from your home if someone makes a report against you.

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How long does CPS have to investigate a Case in Texas?

In Texas, CPS normally completes the investigation in 30 days. Within this period, your investigator can determine if your child is safe or at risk of future abuse or neglect.

If your child is not safe, your investigator will determine if you need services to reduce the risk of abuse or neglect or if DFPS needs to remove a child form your care.

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Do you need a lawyer for help in a case involving Child Protective Services in Austin?

Sablatura & Williams can provide skilled representation and defense in case CPS threatens to take your children away from you. Our lawyers can help to prevent the removal of a child from your care and can provide aggressive CPS investigation defense. We can also uncover investigative findings and appeal your case after your children have been taken due to accusations of abuse or neglect. False accusations and charges of such behavior are more common than you might think. Perhaps a bitter spouse or ex made false accusations against you to Child Protective Services. Maybe a nosy neighbor heard you having an argument and called the police without having proper cause to report child abuse or endangerment. Our firm can uncover the truth and provide the defense that you need.

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Our firm is prepared to fight for your rights and to protect your child from being removed from a safe and nurturing home. Just because a situation is not perfect does not mean that a child should be taken from his or her parents and loved ones. Speak with an Austin family lawyer from our firm today for a free consultation. We can lead you through "CPS Defense 101" and help you understand your options.

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