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If any representative of Child Protective Services or the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services contacts you or a loved one, immediately call an attorney. You must have an attorney represent you during a CPS Investigation to provide you CPS Defense.

We cannot stress enough - if CPS contacts you - CONTACT AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY. The CPS Investigator is not your friend - frankly, they are your family's worst nightmare. We will aggressively defend your parental rights.

During a CPS Investigation, CPS will attempt to:

  • Interview your child without your knowledge;
  • Ask your child questions relating to sexual abuse - regardless of relevance;
  • Talk with your neighbors;
  • Talk with your employers;
  • Talk with your other family members, spouse, or siblings; and/or
  • Build a case against you and your spouse/significant other.

Do not trust the CPS Investigator. Communicate with the Investigator only in writing, after consulting with an attorney. Each CPS Investigation is different, thus you must contact us immediately.