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Jeremiah D. Williams, a former CPS Prosecutor, has handled hundreds of CPS cases - from investigations, removals, adversary hearings, jury trials, bench trials, and even Supreme Court of Texas appeals. He regularly defends parents who have had their rights taken away across the State of Texas.

Mr. Williams' has successfully defended individuals who have been accused of injuring their child - such as "shaken baby" syndrome, drug abuse, excessive discipline, abuse or neglect. He has also successfully overturned administrative decisions based on CPS investigations - such as determinations of "Reason to Believe" or "Unable to Determine" - findings which can adversely affect a parent's ability to care for children.

Simply put, with his experience, he knows what CPS is going to do, and how to fight them off to reunite and protect your family. If CPS attempts to call you, do not call them back - instead, call Sablatura & Williams for immediate advice on how to proceed. CPS is not to be trusted under any situation, and they have the authority under Texas law to take your parental rights way - permanently.

If CPS calls you, call an experienced & aggressive CPS Defense Attorney like Jeremiah D. Williams and the law firm of Sablatura Williams PLLC.