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Investigations Findings & Appeal

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The Child Protective Services Investigators or Caseworkers, after 'investigating' your family, will issue an administrative ruling which could result in your child being removed or hinder your ability to raise your child or other children. You must fight the investigation, and thereafter, the administrative findings with a skilled CPS Defense Attorney such as Jeremiah D. Williams.

Child Protective Services can find:

  • Reason to Believe - Based on a preponderance of the evidence, staff conclude that abuse or neglect has occurred.
  • Ruled Out - Staff determines, based on available information, that it is reasonable to conclude that the abuse or neglect has not occurred.
  • Unable to Complete - An "unable to complete" investigation is one that cannot be concluded and assigned another disposition because the family could not be located to begin the investigation, or the family was contacted but subsequently moved and could not be located to complete the investigation or the family refused to cooperate with the investigation. CPS policy outlines several required actions the caseworker needs to complete with the "Unable To Complete" disposition.
  • Unable to Determine - Staff concludes that none of the dispositions specified in above is appropriate.
  • Administrative Closure - Information received after a case was assigned for investigation reveals that continued Child Protective Services intervention is unwarranted.

All of these findings can be and must be aggressively defended, and depending on the particular finding, can be appealed to a supervisor, the State Office of Administrative Hearings or the Office of Consumer Affairs. Mr. Williams has defended hundreds of clients in these matters, and urges you to contact our law firm to defend your parental rights.

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