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Removal of a Child

If a Child is "Removed" from Your Custody.

If your child is removed by CPS, or you are contacted by a CPS worker regarding child abuse or neglect, please contact us immediately. It is critical that you hire an experienced, aggressive CPS Defense Attorney such as Jeremiah D. Williams, who has successfully tried numerous jury and bench trials in CPS Defense. Mr. Williams is a former CPS prosecutor who has handled hundreds of CPS cases.

You must - absolutely must - fight for you child!

CPS may remove a child from its parent or guardian with or without a court order. However, once the child is removed CPS must obtain a court order authorizing the removal within certain time-frames. The parent or guardian will then be served the court order which will contain the date and time of the "removal hearing." This "removal hearing" must be held within fourteen (14) days of the child's removal. If you lose this removal hearing, your child will be in State custody, most likely foster care. At the removal hearing, the court will determine whether or not the child is returned to the parent or guardian's custody; it is possible that the court could also place the child with family members.

The removal hearing is the most critical stage of your CPS Defense - do not go to court without a skilled, experienced, & aggressive attorney such as Jeremiah D. Williams and the law firm of Sablatura & Williams.