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Federal Drug Offenses in Texas

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If you or a loved one is under investigation by the DEA or FBI for drug trafficking, or a loved one been arrested for illegal drug sales or drug smuggling, you must immediately hire an experienced, aggressive Federal Drug Offense Attorney likeRuss Sablatura and Jeremiah D. Williams. We have represented both Mexican Nationals and U.S. Citizens before the Federal Courts in Texas, including members of Drug Trafficking Organizations with thousands of kilograms of contraband. We can effectively represent you or your loved one.

In Texas, federal law enforcement agencies are serious about enforcing the federal drug laws. Likewise, federal prosecutors are serious about prosecuting federal drug offenses. Federal drug charges require aggressive defense from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Get Skilled Defense from Federal Prosecution

While state drug convictions usually concern simple drug possession, federal convictions are more often related to trafficking. Federal penalties are generally worse than those resulting from state drug convictions which are typically misdemeanors involving probation or short jail time.

We handle a wide range of federal drug offenses in courts throughout Texas, including:

  • Drug conspiracy
  • Federal drug trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Operating a meth lab
  • Drug smuggling or importation
  • Sale of controlled substances
  • Illegal sale of prescription drugs
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Use of a weapon while committing a federal drug offense.

Federal drug offenses carry stiff penalties. If you are convicted of a federal drug crime, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines will apply. Possible penalties include a lengthy prison sentence and large fines. In certain cases, the government can take your car, home, or other assets under federal drug asset forfeiture laws.

Sablatura & Williams PLLC is Here to Fight for You

The Federal Drug Defense Attorneys of Sablatura & Williams provide aggressive representation to people who have been charged with — or are under investigation for - federal drug offenses.

Be sure to call our firm as soon as possible if you are arrested by a federal agent of a drug-related offense.