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How long do you have to report an injury at work in Texas?

You have 30 days to report a work related injury. If the employee waits a week or two before reporting the injury, the insurance carrier will (more than likely) question the gap in time in the reporting, and question the employee’s credibility as to when the injury took place. If you sustain an obvious injury, i.e. a break a bone or slip and fall and think you may have torn a muscle in your knee or shoulder, more than likely you will request medical treatment immediately after the incident occurs and your employer will be made away of your injury that same day. It is very important that you notify your employer that you injured yourself as soon as you realize it and document it in writing, regardless of whether you think you will get better without medical attention. If your injury continues to get worse or it ends up being more severe than you initially thought, at least you have reported it within the initial 30 days of injuring yourself, so you are not barred from pursuing treatment and benefits under Texas Workers’ Compensation.

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Employees who are injured or hurt while working, due to no fault of their own, may bring a claim against the employer and/or property owner if the injury occurred due to negligence of the employer and/or property owner.

While Sablatura & Williams does not accept claims involving Worker's Compensation Insurance, our office can assist you in claims and lawsuits against employers or property owners who were not covered by worker's compensation at the time of you or your loved one's injury. Feel free to contact us for case review.

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