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When it comes to family law, Sablatura & Williams often handles divorce cases in Austin and Round Rock. If you are looking to get a divorce in the state of Texas, our firm is the excellent choice for counsel and representation. Our attorneys are familiar with how Texas divorce works and are prepared to guide you through "Divorce 101." Numerous family law matters must be handled during the divorce and, unless you have a skilled Austin attorney by your side, you may not get the best possible results for your case. Our firm has extensive experience and is comprised of seasoned litigators. We are more than capable of bringing your case to a fair settlement or a satisfactory trial verdict in family court.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Texas recognizes two basic types of divorce. The first is an uncontested divorce, in which both parties are in agreement about getting a divorce, as well as every other area of their divorce. The two spouses can sit down out of court and come to their own divorce agreement that addresses issues of child custody, spousal support, and property division. They can then take their agreement before a judge to be approved and entered.

Contested divorce cases occur when one spouse does not want a divorce or when the two spouses cannot agree on any one area of their divorce. Contested divorce requires litigation and generally takes longer due to court scheduling and lengthy litigation. It also can result in several additional fees. The attorneys with Sablatura & Williams provide cost-effective representation and will do whatever they can to reduce the expenses for your contested divorce.

Children's Bill of Rights

Marriage is between two adults, but invariably children are deeply impacted when divorce occurs. In a perfect world, we do not need to tell you how to act around your children, what not to say around your children, or how to communicate with your spouse. The children's bill of rights is a wonderful and powerful reminder of how your actions can affect your children, especially in divorce. We highly recommend this document be implemented as an order of the court in all family cases involving children.

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Child Custody & Support Cases in Texas

Child custody is one of the most important and most contested aspects of any divorce. When two parents decide to end their marriage, their children still deserve to have both parents involved in their lives. Parents can often come to their own agreements regarding custody, but other cases require litigation before a judge who makes decisions based on the child's best interests. If you are facing litigation over child custody or child support, our experienced trial lawyers can fight tirelessly to prove that the child's best interests will be met if you are granted custody or receive support.

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