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Visas/Green Cards

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Permanent immigration, via a Lawful Permanent Residency (“LPR” or “green card”), is the ultimate goal of many people entering the United States. Sablatura Williams PLLC proudly seeks, obtains, and defends lawful immigration and advocates for reform of immigration laws.

There are two main types of permanent residency: 1) Those Lawful Permanent Resident Cardwithout numerical restrictions, and 2) those subject to yearly limitations. Out of the visas which have yearly limitations, there are three subparts: A) Employer Based; B) Family Based; and C) Diversity immigrants.

All permanent visas are sponsored, either through an employer, family member, or organization. There are five categories of employer based immigration.

Obviously, LPR status offers numerous benefits. For more information on permanent visas, see the following links below, or contact our office for assistance.

Lawful Permanent Residency subject to Numerical Restriction

Lawful Permanent Residency without Numerical Restriction

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