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Asylum or Refugee Immigration

Texas Immigration Attorney

Individuals that have held refugee or asylum status for at least one year may be eligible for lawful permanent residency. The attorneys and staff of Sablatura Williams PLLC would be more than happy to assist you through this process, advocate your interests to the USCIS, and do what we can to bring you lawfully to the U.S.

Those seeking refugee or asylum in the United States typically have experienced the following from their own governments:

  • Imprisonment/torture of political dissidents or supposed undesirables
  • Firing on protesters
  • Committing genocide against a certain race or people group
  • Excluding followers of certain religions from the political process

Whether you should apply for asylum or as a refugee depends upon your situation. Those outside the United States need to apply for refugee status. Those who have already made it to the U.S. border or are already within the Unites States, either by legal or illegal means, can apply for asylum. You are allowed to stay in definitely in the country under both statuses once they are granted to you. You may live and work in the Unites States and may apply for a green card.

To obtain a desired status, you must prove two things:

  • You have a legitimate fear of persecution by returning to your home country
  • The persecution you fear or have suffered already is based on your race, religion, nationality, social or political affiliation

Even if you feel you have been persecuted and desire entry into the United States you may still be barred from receiving status as an asylee or refugee. You need to contact a knowledgeable immigration lawyer immediately to get the process of entry started.

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