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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of cases do you take?

We can help you with any legal problem. And if we can't, we'll refer you to someone who can.

We focus our practice on Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Immigration and Family law. But a lot of times, those issues are intertwined with our client base. We want to be your point of contact in the legal field, and your "one stop shop" for legal help. We find that we best serve our clients by handling everything in house, and seeking attorneys with diverse skill set to be a total resource for our clients.

The attorneys of Sablatura Williams went to law school to help people, plain and simple. Sometimes that means representing the best in people charged with crimes; sometimes that means advocating for multi-million dollar corporations; sometimes that means probating a friend's will.

Our promise: We will always do our best to help those in need. That's why we are here.

Feel free to contact us to set up a free consultation.

How much are your fees?

The adage "you get what you pay for" is true in most walks of life, and the attorneys of Sablatura Williams are no exception.

There are three types of fee structures Sablatura Williams utilizes:

1. Flat fee
2. Hourly fee with Retainer
3. Contingent

Flat fees are used in criminal cases and uncontested matters, such as drafting a document. For example, if you are charged with a traffic ticket and you're a commercial truck driver, you could be looking at minimum fee of $750.00 (depending on a variety of factors). Fees for serious matters obviously entail a substantial fee for quality work and quality results.

Most family cases and civil litigation are charged per hour, with a normal rate of $250/hour. In family cases, most attorneys require an up-front, in-full retainer which is then placed in the attorney's trust account and billed monthly. Due to the emotional nature of contested divorce with children, it is not uncommon for a retainer of $3,000-$5,000 to be requested at the beginning. Keep in mind that the retainer is not the overall fee.

Contingent fees are charged when a case is settled, and is a percentage of the overall recovery. This insures that our firm takes the risk of litigating your case, normally in a personal injury context. If we lose, you pay nothing. Our contingency rates start at 33 percent.

We will do our best to work with you on payment plans, and all forms of payment are accepted (cash, check, money order, and credit cards).

Feel free to contact us to set up a free consultation.

Where is your office?

Round Rock Location:

Phone: 888-364-9522
Fax: 512-258-5128

108 East Bagdad
Suite 200
Round Rock, Texas 78664

Austin Location:

Phone: 888-364-9522
Fax: 512-479-5945

2235 East 6th Street
Suite 103
Austin, Texas 78702

Will You Return My Phone Call?

You bet - and we do our best to get back to you within the day.

This is the number one complaint of all attorneys, and for good reason. Lawyers are incredibly bad at talking with their clients, even though they are supposed to know all the details about their clients' case!

Our practice is court driven - meaning that our attorneys are normally in court every day. One of the ways we combat this stereotypical image is to encourage you to email the attorney directly with questions about your case. This works extraordinary well while the attorney is in court due to our smartphone email capabilities, as there are times we are waiting in the courtroom but cannot step outside to return calls - but we can email from our phones.

Our staff is also well versed in day-to-day issues as they arise. We encourage you to use them as a resource (sometimes they know more than the lawyers!)

And our phones are answered 24/7, regardless of holiday. If something comes up in the middle of the night, a real person will be on the other end of the line to assist you and patch you through to the attorney on call.

I need to get someone out of jail...

  1. Call us first - don't call a bail bondsman. We can save you substantial time and money.
  2. Call us. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 888-364-9522.
  3. Make arrangements for the loved one's children if expected to be picked up from school/daycare.
  4. Tell the person to not speak to anyone about the case - especially over the phone - as calls are recorded.

In Travis County, our firm can obtain a personal bond or a cash-percentage bond (obviously depending on the case), after speaking with either a judge or magistrate. We frequently seek personal bonds for our clients, and instead of you hiring a bail bondsman and a lawyer, all you have to do is hire the lawyer. This saves you the 10-25% of the bond value which the bondsman was going to charge you.

In other counties, such as Williamson County, a personal bond is rare (but obtainable). More important, our attorneys can waive magistration, which can prevent your loved one from spending the night in jail. We also have a fantastic relationship with a very reputable bonding company, Freedom Bail Bonds, which enables our client fast service at a discounted rate.

If held on federal charges or an immigration detainer, personal and cash-percentage bonds can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

As all cases are different, feel free to contact us with your specific situation.

Should I talk to the police?

1. No! This is an emergency. Call us. 24/7. 888-364-9522. Do not call the police under any circumstance.

2. Do not talk to the police, no matter how tempting. Police are trained to gather evidence and are normally better than a lawyer in getting you to spill your guts. They prey on your "wanting to do the right thing." DO NOT DO IT without talking to us first.

3. If the police confront you in person, at work, or at your residence, respectfully tell them "I am not talking to you without my lawyer present" and ask them to leave - just like you would a door-to-door salesman. Shut the door and lock it, if you have to. They cannot come inside your home without a warrant. Do not worry about making them mad - they already don't like you.

4. The police are trained - they will tell you do not need a lawyer. In legal terms, this is BS.

5. A detective will also use a family member or friend to talk with you, possibly over the phone, to discuss "what happened" or to have the other person confront you about something. Be aware! This is a police tactic - your phone is bugged and they are recording your conversation. Respectfully tell your family member that you want to talk with a lawyer first, and immediately end the conversation.

6. Another tactic is to tell you that, by not talking, you're hiding something or making yourself a suspect. Once again, this is psychological warfare! You'll be told that a lawyer is just going to take your money. You'll be told that if you don't talk, you're going to make it harder on yourself. These are all tactics to get you to talk without thinking - think first, and call a lawyer.

7. Just because you talk with a lawyer first doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, immoral, or you are a bad person. In certain instances, our clients have testified to grand jury or from the witness stand and directly to the police; just because you ask for an attorney does not limit in any way your ability to tell the truth to the police at a later date.

Feel free to contact us with your particular situation.

I just got arrested...

1. Call us to schedule an appointment with our attorneys. 888-364-9522. We will need basic information from you, contact information, your case number, bond, and charge.

2. If arrested for DWI, it is critical that you hire an attorney as soon as possible. Here's why.

3. You will have a first appearance date, listed on your bond. For misdemeanor cases, you will not have to appear in court for quite some time provided that you hire our firm. We can schedule your court date far in advance to accommodate your schedule and strategies. With felonies, you will normally have to appear in court, with a lawyer, on the date listed on the bond. This is very court specific, so please talk with our attorneys first.

4. Just because you have been arrested does not mean the police are finished investigating. Do not talk with any person about your case until you have consulted with our law firm.

5. Draft an email. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or letter to our office, stating your version of the events. At the top of the document write "Attorney-Client Communication." Remember, everything you tell our office, attorneys, and staff, is confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

What if I was in an accident?

1. You absolutely need a lawyer. The insurance company has hundreds of them. Shouldn't you then?

2. Obviously make sure you are clear of the accident scene and in a safe place.

3. Call our office. 888-364-9522. Ask for Sally Beltran, our personal injury assistant.

4. Have ready the information which we will need - you can find that list here.

My spouse just gave me papers...

My spouse just gave me papers for divorce, child custody and a restraining order!

While this sounds odd, do not panic. Do not run to the bank and withdraw the money. Do not call your spouse and start an argument. And while it is probably too late, do not get in a frenzy with what your spouse wants in the divorce petition. This is all normal part of divorce, including the restraining order, the emotion, and the anger.

Just call us. Talk with one of our attorneys about your options. 888-364-9522, and then review the information about divorce and custody within this site.

Does your firm give back to the community?

Sablatura Williams PLLC has a responsibility towards our community - to advocate, serve, and better the lives of those around us. To that end, our firm actively participates in the following charitable and religious organizations (to some, the A&M club counts as a religious organization) as well as donates our time to publish articles and speaking engagements to central Texas and nationwide.

Hill Country Bible Church NW

Austin Habitat for Humanity

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108 East Bagdad
Suite 200
Round Rock, TX 78664
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